Happy Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July is often seen as the most libertarian of all holidays.  After all, it celebrates the founding of a nation based, at least in principle, on natural rights and limited government.  The Declaration of Independence is a radical libertarian document.  I will let it speak for itself:  We hold these truths to […]

Varieties of Libertarianism

A lot of people like to call themselves libertarians.  It was actually kind of trendy a few years back.  Some of those people have, at best, a tenuous connection to libertarian philosophy.  In addition, a good number of folks have taken to using the word pejoratively, seeing the entire lot of us as apologists for […]

Why Third Party?

One of the most common criticisms of Libertarians is that trying to build a Third party is both futile and counterproductive.  For one, there are simply too many obstacles built into American electoral law for any alternative party to gain enough support to have any impact on government.  And even if the party begins to […]

Introduction to Libertarianism (Part 3)

One of the ongoing themes of this blog is that “government” isn’t a real thing.  We discussed it in Part 2 of this series last week and in my piece a while back on how the “emperor has no clothes.”  Of course, it isn’t the only social construct that isn’t real.  Race and class are […]

The Folly of Political Violence

I’ve been cautioned on several occasions not to use the word anarchism because, in the eyes of most people, an anarchist is a bomb tossing madman, a violent nihilist who seeks to spread chaos throughout society.  Funny how we prejudge entire groups of people based on the actions of a violent few.  Nowadays people might […]

Introduction to Libertarianism (Part 2)

Ronald Reagan once said that libertarianism was the “heart and soul of conservatism.”  In the first part of this article, I suggested that anarchism was the heart and soul of libertarianism.  But is that true?  Is liberty incompatible with any formal governmental structure?  Or is a stateless society merely one of a number of libertarian […]

A Coalition for Liberty

My most recent posts have been pretty radical, more than simply hinting at my personal belief in a stateless society and, at times, seeming to disparage the political process itself.  In other words, not very “ecumenical.”  Or maybe not.  A popular cliché of the Left has been “think globally, act locally.”  I will suggest a […]