No, there is no question mark at the end of that word.  Despite what you all might imagine, I am extremely optimistic about the future.  Of course, we could all ruin it by blowing up the world over some nonsense or a meteor could do that for us, but otherwise the future is bright.  But how bright?

I believe that, within a generation or so, aging may end up being optional.  Advances in genetic engineering are going to allow us to reprogram ourselves.  There is no reason that we have to age.  Our body is constantly replacing all the cells in our body so they aren’t actually wearing out like the parts in an engine.  We are designed to start falling apart but that design can be changed.  People will routinely live for well over 100 years and I suspect many will approach 200.  You and I may be the last generation of people who get old.

We are on the threshold of being able to create meat in a laboratory.  Imagine the amount of resources that could be freed up and the positive effects on the Earth of not raising animals for food.  Not to mention the fact that the inherent cruelty that is a part of the livestock business could largely be eliminated.  I suppose we will still crave a rack of ribs or an order of chicken wings but most meat production could be entirely Vegan.

Decentralization is the story you don’t hear and it is making us all freer.  The way we work, travel, buy, sell and communicate are all becoming more independent of centralized authority.  Some will see this as a negative but the future is going to be about people transacting business with one another that is outside the reach of traditional models.  Bitcoin, Uber, AirBnb, You Tube, Amazon are all transforming the world.  I think we will soon see a day that traditional jobs and money will no longer exist.  It will mark the biggest change in our lives since the Industrial revolution.  

These are just a few reasons to be optimistic.  There are many more.  No, these changes will not make the world a perfect place or solve all of our problems.  They will create problems as well as solve them.  But while the traditional media likes to talk about violence, death, conflict and decay, they are missing out on the real story.  Human ingenuity is not resting or looking backwards.  It is shaping a future of nearly unlimited opportunity.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


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