Unpopular Positions

So this week I watched the NBC version of the nightly news.  My experience with ABC was not good and I don’t remember If I finished the CBS broadcast but I know I didn’t like it.  Surprisingly, I mostly enjoyed NBC’s take on things.  Oh, there was the usual natural disasters (sad,) the latest round of Presidential malfeasance and misrepresentation (I can’t keep up with the stuff) and the news that serial sex criminal John Conyers is retiring immediately (not only just but gets rid of a wrong vote on almost everything.)

The stories were crisp and not at all drawn out and there were a lot of them.  Maybe just a good day for news but it kept my attention.  Not that they said anything profound about anything but I wasn’t expecting that.  Edward Murrow and Walter Cronkite have left the building.  Still, Lester Holt is a pleasant enough gentleman and I didn’t get a strong feeling of bias in his presentation.  

There were a few stories that caught my attention because they shouldn’t even be stories.  Not a one of us is going to benefit in any way from recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel so why are we doing it?  Feels like we just like to antagonize people and I suspect this will do just that.  I also note that the Republican party is now all-in on Judge Roy Moore.  The Democrats may be more corrupt but the Republicans flip and flop more than sandals on the beach.  Russia banned from the Olympics?  Good!  Let’s ban all “countries” from the Olympics and let individuals compete as individuals, not some sort of pseudo soldiers.

And I promised unpopular views so here’s a couple.  Why on earth should anyone be compelled to do business with anyone else, regardless of the reason?  And why would anyone want to do business with people who disapprove of you and think you are going to hell? That is the gist of the “wedding cake” case now being argued before the Supreme Court.  Let me be clear.  Government should never be allowed to discriminate against anyone for any reason.  Everyone should be equal before the law.  And I would never want to do business with people who discriminate in the way the cake decorator is doing.  But I believe he should have the right to do it, whatever his argument.  Ask yourself this question: should a gay cake decorator be required to do a cake that says “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” or something similar?

Finally, a classic Christmas story about how evil grinches are buying up all the hot toys and making obscene profits selling them.  This time they are using bots on the stores websites to do their dirty deeds.  First, why don’t these online retailers have some protections in place against the use of bots?  No wonder they can’t protect your credit card information.  But, beyond that, the story merely points out that the products were initially priced too low! Queuing (or lining up to acquire some good or service) always occurs when the price is too low.  Whether it is a bread line in North Korea, a huge crowd waiting to get into a popular nightspot or people fighting over Furby’s, it is inevitable.  The “grinches” are merely creating a marketplace where anyone can acquire what they want if they pay the price.  When demand far outstrips supply, prices should rise.  Whether the toy costs $5 or $500, there are only so many to go around and some people will be disappointed. At least high prices will encourage more production but only if the benefits go to the original maker.  They gain nothing if the profits go to third party sellers.  The toy companies should charge more as that helps decrease demand and moivates them to ramp up production.  That’s how the market works!

Long one tonight but I guess that makes up for Sunday.  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!  Talk at you again soon!


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