That Was Dreadful

So, as promised, I actually sat through the ABC television network’s version of the nightly news today.  I don’t plan on doing that again anytime soon.  I will “enjoy” the CBS and NBC versions in the near future but only as a service to my readers.  I doubt they will be better.  

This program is now hosted by a fellow named David Muir.  He seems pleasant enough, with an impressive voice and a nice head of hair.  Wikipedia describes him as “one of the most visible journalists in America” and, while that seems obvious enough, he has engaged in quite a bit of solid reporting in his career.  Sadly, nothing on display tonight would lead anyone to that conclusion.

The nightly news programs have always been, at best, a cursory examination of the issues of the day.  Defining increased holiday travel, Black Friday car deals and Thanksgiving food “made in America” as issues is being awfully generous.  Of course there was nearly 10 minutes devoted to the latest on the abusive behavior of men in positions of authority but it was treated with little more depth than one might expect from People magazine.  We touched on the situation in Syria and new rules on net neutrality but any opportunity to dig deeper was preempted by a story on an escaped prisoner and some pleasant banter about the weather between David and Ginger.  Ginger also seems pleasant with a impressive voice and a nice head of hair.

It isn’t bad enough that news programs are now basically seen as just another half hour of entertainment.  No, the worst part is that this garbage isn’t remotely entertaining.  And executives wonder why people keep tuning out.  I will learn far more today from watching You Tube videos than I learned from this drivel.  I suspect that, like using landline phones, writing checks and sending out Christmas cards, it is only a generation or so before these shows will disappear.  It can’t come soon enough.  When it does, I hope that nice people like David Muir can find gainful employment doing the real reporting he is apparently quite skilled at doing.  

I will be back on Thursday with an inspiring holiday message.  But, whether you get around to reading that or not, I do wish you all a happy Thanksgiving weekend.  Hopefully it will be more leisurely than mine!


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