Which is Worse?

Was thinking about a dilemma over the weekend and just thought I would share those thoughts briefly tonight.  When evaluating a candidate for political office, which is more important?  Is it their personal qualities or their political values?  If I am choosing between a wonderful human being whose policies I despise and a genuine scoundrel who I agree with nearly 100%, who should I choose?

While there are obviously limits here, I think the answer is clear.  You vote for the scoundrel.  Political office is not supposed to be a reward for living a good life.  As a voter I am going to “hire or fire” you based on whether I agree with your views on the issues of the day, not whether or not you cheat on your wife.  

Of course, the libertarian answer to this matter is a bit more radical.  It would suggest that neither the saint nor the scoundrel has any right to make choices which affect my life without my explicit consent.  In a less powerful government, it is not so important who wins an election.  We can afford to be more picky about the moral decency of our representatives when they no longer wield so much control.

On Tuesday I will be back with another hard hitting analysis of the nightly news.  I watch this crap so you don’t have to subject yourselves to it.  Until then, have a great week!


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