The Boy Who Cried Nazi

Seems like there are more fascists and Nazis around these days than we’ve seen since the 1940’s.  Apparently they are having big demonstrations all over and are liable to seize power at any minute, if they haven’t already.  The President might be nothing but a front man for an array of storm troopers who are just waiting for the signal.  All good and decent Americans had better rise up and stop them or it will be too late. But if we just punch a few of them, they’ll head back to their parents’ basement and give up on their dreams of Aryan supremacy.   Anybody who says otherwise must secretly be a fascist themselves and maybe they need a good ass whooping too!

Or maybe not.  Gimme a break.  Yes, there are some nut jobs out there who believe in this nonsense.  There are people who hate Blacks and Jews and think Hitler was swell.  But let’s be realistic here.  There are also people who think the Earth is flat.  There aren’t very many of them either.  It took a lot of planning to round up the few hundred racist losers that caused all the mayhem in Charlottesville.  They are so powerful that they can’t even keep from getting fired from their jobs and kicked off dating sites.  They are so powerful that no one will host their meetings or their websites.  Yeah, them damned Nazis are pretty dangerous it seems.

But wait!  Apparently I don’t know what a Nazi is.  Because people who support the First Amendment are now Nazis. People who support the Constitution are now Nazis.  People who oppose universal health care are now Nazis.  People who fail to give proper trigger warnings or who accidentally offend someone are Nazis.  And people who refuse to actively resist any of those people are also Nazis.  Those bastards!  Now we now why our brave fighting men fought so hard to defeat these people.  Those damned Nazis and their micro aggression against Poland was just too much for any decent person to bear.

Oh, there are some pretty reprehensible types in politics these days.  I call them Democrats and Republicans.  But, nonetheless, I sincerely doubt that even one of the members of the United States Congress is close to being a genuine Nazi. And for me to call them Nazis is to bastardize the English language.  And it creates a deeper and deeper divide between people when what is needed is greater dialogue and understanding.  That being said, there is value in recognizing that true Nazis do exist and listening to and rejecting their politics of hatred.  There is value in we as individuals and groups saying to those people that we will not associate with you in any way.  There is no value in treating every political opponent the same way.

I am tired of discussing this matter so I’m going to think of something completely different for my next post.  Until then, thanks for following along and have a great week!


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