A Coalition for Liberty

My most recent posts have been pretty radical, more than simply hinting at my personal belief in a stateless society and, at times, seeming to disparage the political process itself.  In other words, not very “ecumenical.”  Or maybe not.  A popular cliché of the Left has been “think globally, act locally.”  I will suggest a libertarian alternative:  “think radically, act practically.”  And I believe that is how I have behaved, pretty consistently, over the years.  Whether it was supporting less than stellar Republicans and Democrats or backing the least radical candidate seeking the Libertarian nomination, I have always believed that our only opportunity to create a freer society was to build the broadest coalition possible. 

While I never hide nor deny my own beliefs, I try never to treat the views of others with disrespect.  I can disagree without being disagreeable.  I have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with so many genuinely good people, not all of whom agree with me, who have helped me develop my own philosophy.  I truly believe that there is a coalition out there that can make this nation freer and fairer.  I truly believe there is a coalition out there for peace and justice.  And, while I rarely make pragmatic arguments, I truly believe that such a nation will bring the greatest prosperity to the greatest number.

Just a short post tonight but I may add a bonus one sometime during the week if I feel like I have something worthwhile to say.  I hope you all have a great week!  Thanks for following along!


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