I’m Chevy Chase and You’re Not

Well, I’m not actually Chevy Chase either and, while Weekend Update was not exactly a newscast, it seems, in retrospect, more serious than much of what passes for news nowadays.  In that spirit, I will offer my short takes on the issues of the day!  Expect hard hitting journalism.  That way you’ll be more disappointed.

Funny how, just a few days past, Kathy Griffin was a D-list celebrity whose schtick was moderately amusing for a while about 20 years ago.  If someone had told me she had died a few years back, I probably would have believed them and remembered her fondly for her time on Suddenly Susan or for her guest spots on Seinfeld and Letterman.  So then she tweets out a picture of herself carrying Donald Trump’s severed head and we have to talk about her again.  First off, get over it America!  I don’t care.  It doesn’t matter.  It is a meaningless distraction.  OK, it is in bad taste.  So was a lot of imagery put out there about Obama or Bush or freaking John Adams.  I don’t care about those either.  You want to be President?  Deal with it!  If you are genuinely cool, you laugh about it!  Presidents suffer under the constitutional misconception that they can spy on, detain or kill off just about anyone they think threatens “national security.”  You want to be King now?  Expect a few beheadings!  Too bad Trump has “ruined her career” since that means I’ll be seeing way too much of her for the foreseeable future.  Now that’s a tragedy!

Oh, and speaking of things to get over, let’s add the minor uproar over “women only” showings of Wonder Woman.  Deal with it!  It harms me in no way, shape or form.  Based on past DC Comics Universe films, the only victims here may be the poor women who shell out their hard earned money to see it.  (I hope I am wrong about that.)  If a private business wants to sponsor events open only to women, that is their prerogative.  Of course, they should also have the right to sponsor events only for men or any other group they care to designate.  They should have the right to include or exclude anyone they want.  I’m sure some of you just gasped at that suggestion but I am merely being consistent.  Are you?

So I suppose we have to talk about climate change and such.  I know nothing about climate change and, outside of some documentary or magazine article, neither do you.  Overall, global temperatures seem to be rising slightly but pretty consistently over the past few decades.  If it continues, it would create some significant changes.  Water temperatures would rise, causing additional ice melt and threatening coastlines around the World.  The narrative is that human activity, specifically the increased output of carbon in the atmosphere, is the cause of these changes.  It’s plausible. It is worth continuing to study and monitor.  But, like the Ice Age many experts were predicting back in the 1970’s, it may not come to pass.  I do not deny the value of scientific research but I do deny the wisdom of placing experts, bureaucrats and politicians in charge of trying to fix anything.  When you have learned out to predict the weather more than about 48 hours out, get back with me on your predictions for the climate a decade or two down the road.  Genuine human ingenuity and the free expression thereof is far more likely to “fix” a problem than a bunch of elites in Washington DC or Paris.  Kudos to the President for once.  He got this one right.

Well, nothing like a few controversial opinions on a Friday night!  If these ideas have you all worked up, may I suggest a nice beer.  I prefer an IPA and an occasional stout or porter but you can have a Coors Light if you want.  Thanks for following along and I hope you have a great weekend!


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