Thinking Outside the Box

If someone were enough of a masochist to read through all the postings on this blog, one thing you might notice is that there are relatively few of them which actually discuss libertarianism.  Oh, quite a number will at least touch on the subject and almost all express opinions that most people would identify as libertarian, but there have only been a few attempts to flesh out an explicit philosophy.  That may have been a mistake and I am likely to venture that way at some point over the next few months.  I initially believed the audience would be those already libertarian or at least people that leaned that way.  My experience is that that is probably not the case and that readers are coming from all over the political spectrum and at all levels of knowledge.

I have also come to the conclusion that, in order to be open to libertarian ideas, most people require a fundamental shift in not just the way they think about politics, but simply in the way they think period.  A political philosophy must, at some level, be part of a larger philosophic framework that includes a discussion of ethics, as well as an investigation into what we even mean when we say we know something.  Without at least some element of a broader philosophy, we libertarians come off as just a bunch of oddballs.  

And, I believe, trying to get people to understand, not what we think, but how we think, may be the most effective way to create more libertarians.  At times, that has been my secret agenda in writing what I have written.  So, if you really were masochistic enough to read all the blog entries, I think you might notice that.  In addition to helping create new libertarians, I do think that such an approach may also serve to help bring diverse strains of libertarianism together.  You know…like Ecumenical style? 

Just wanted to share those few quick thoughts tonight.  Will be back later in the week with a longer piece which will likely offend and/or bemuse.  Until then, have a great week and thanks for reading!


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