Looking Back

Yes, friends, it is another bonus blog post!  This time we are celebrating the 6 month anniversary of the blog.  I have probably created a half a dozen or more blogs in my life and, while they all started with great hope and enthusiasm, that didn’t last long.  I suppose the two biggest differences this time were narrowing the focus and realizing that I was doing this for myself, not in the belief that I would become some famous writer.

That being said, I have invested a fair amount of time and money to try and make this blog a success, whatever that might mean.  At times I have struggled to make the time to write and to find the right topic.  I never wanted this to just be commentary on the issues of the day, although that is a part of it.  I wanted to talk about political philosophy and get my thoughts down on (virtual) paper.  It has mostly served that purpose and I think will continue to do so.  I hope to build an audience, even if it is a fairly small one, who will be challenged by the ideas and will challenge them in return.  Ultimately politics should be about a civil dialogue that can help build consensus, and this blog continues to hope to play a small role in that.

Looking back, I would critique several elements of what I have done so far.  First, I am far from a good writer.  Oh, I can turn a good phrase now and then but my writing style is awkward.  I am a much better speaker and I always find my posts more enjoyable when I read them aloud.  I can hope that practice will lead to improvement.  Then, of course, there is the tremendous contrast between the cold, analytic posts on political philosophy and the occasional “fire-breathing” posts on the events of the day.  My challenge is make the posts on the former more engaging and concrete and to bring down the volume on the latter to a more reasoned level.

Even so, I won’t sacrifice my passion in order to sound “reasonable” because, otherwise, why bother?  I believe, in the deepest depths of my heart and soul, in the cause of human freedom, and that a world organized through cooperation and consent,  is the one which has the potential to bring the “greatest happiness to the greatest number.”   Perhaps that makes me overly suspicious of concentrations of power in any form and too willing to embrace the latest conspiracy theory.  Still, better to cast aspersions on those who claim the right to rule than to blame the average person who is just doing their best to survive and make a good life for themselves and their families.

So, this anniversary is neither a celebration nor a postmortem.  It is an acknowledgement of our successes and failures and a promise to go forward, trying to improve on the finished product while remaining committed to the stated goal of building a consensus for liberty.  I appreciate all of you who have taken even a few moments to read even one or two posts and look forward to having you as a continuing part of this dialogue.  And, as always, have a great week!


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