A few thoughts on the Ttump budget.  Of course it is awful, wasting money on an already excessive defense budget and continuing to plunge the nation farther into debt.

But, of course, the mainstream media story is that the budget eliminates federal funding for PBS and for a community block grant program that helps provide funding for Meals on Wheels.

As to PBS, I am a big fan of a number of their programs and hope to see the network thrive and prosper.  No reason that it can’t.  As even the PBS press releases admit, federal funding is less than half a billion dollars and amounts to about $1.35 per person.  If a national broadcaster that is known to all Americans and enjoyed by a significant number cannot figure out how to raise that amount through voluntary donations and corporate sponsorship, perhaps it deserves to be replaced by an organization that can. 

As to Meals on Wheels, it would appear to be exactly the kind of person to person charitable organization I believe is most effective.  It should have no problem remaining that way.  Government funding represents just over 3% of their budget.  Again, if they can’t replace that funding from voluntary sources, I will bet there is some like minded group that can.

We have got to stop believing that the only way we can fund worthwhile organizations in this country is through government money.  If we were rolling in the dough, that might be one thing.  But we aren’t.  We are broke.  Skip a latte or a Happy Meal.  That is enough to fund more than your share of two worthwhile organisations.

Back soon with more moderately hard hitting blasphemy.  Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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