Dumb things Democrats do

As promised, we now return the favor and give the business to our good friends on the left.

Democrats like to pretend that the solution to all budget issues is to simply tax “the rich”  Neglecting the fact that almost all taxes are already paid by the wealthiest Americans, it simply isn’t true.  You could confiscate every dime made by the wealthiest and not even come close to balancing the budget.  

When Democrats complain about the abuse of power by police and politicians, it rings rather hollow.  After all, these are the same people who frequently wish to use the government to regulate inappropriate speech on college campuses or continue a drug war whose effects fall disproportionately on the very minorities they purport to defend. A government powerful enough to micromanage inappropriate behavior is a government powerful enough to micromanage all behavior.

Once upon a time, Democrats consistently opposed foreign intervention unless it was absolutely necessary.  Now it appears that only Republican intervention is wrong.  The last two Democrat Presidents pretty much got a pass.

While the desire to be inclusive is understandable, Democrats sometimes appear to bend over backwards in favor of immigrants and minority groups.  In the end, it shouldn’t be about favoring any particular group but, rather, being sure to treat all individuals equally.

While mouthing a commitment to democratic principles, Democrats consistently support the very undemocratic regulatory state.  If individual behavior needs to be regulated, then have the intestinal fortitude to pass specific legislation to do so.  Vague laws that pass the buck to unelected officials hardly represent the democratic ideal.

Along those same lines, while it might not be surprising that Republicans, who typically favor conservatism and tradition, might oppose opening up the political process to alternative parties and perspectives, it is often Democrats who are most vehement in opposing such alternatives.  Even the party’s own nomination process is designed to favor the establishment over alternative viewpoints.

Well, just to be delightfully fair and balanced, next time I will discuss the dumb things Libertarians do.  It will be difficult to fit it all into just one post but I will do my best.  Until then, have a great week!


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