More Ramblings

Funny how things change and how they don’t.  For the past 8 years, while frequently disagreeing with President Obama’s policies and philosophy, I found myself very uncomfortable with the crude, personal attacks that suggested he was an evil man hell bent on destroying America.  Now I find myself feeling exactly the same way about Trump.  I disagree strongly with many of his policies and disapprove of many of his advisors, but I do not believe he is an evil man trying to destroy America.

I often see an internet meme (which I guess is redundant) that the government had better not mess with Social Security because that money doesn’t belong to the government.  It belongs to the workers.  Well, yeah, but that’s true of every single penny the government takes in taxes.  It all was the workers’ money before the government took it.  

Liberals like to point out how narrow minded some Christians are and how their attitudes towards women, people of color and LGBTQ individuals are just awful.  They may be right.  But those same people seem to excuse attitudes and behaviors that are as bad or worse among Muslims.  Be consistent.  Oppose the behaviors, regardless of where they originated.

It occurs to me that people who fight their way to top of any organization, big or small, public or private, have expended far too much energy doing it. Their lives have narrowed in pursuit of that goal and their basic human decency has sometimes been sacrificed when it conflicted with the what was required by the organization.  Thus, the people who are least qualified to truly “lead” others, often end up ruling over them, whether it be at the White House or the White Castle.

In a time in which we constantly hear about fake or slanted news coverage, it is important to remember that “facts” are sometimes nothing of the sort.  Much of what each of us believe to be true is a function of our underlying philosophies about life.  Much as understanding each other is difficult when one yells from one house to another, it can be equally difficult when each person is arguing from a different ideological  premise.  Until you can find a point of agreement, there is no possibility of compromise, only more discord.

Enough rambling for now.  Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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