Outside the Box

Not a great deal of substance here on the blog of late but the next few weeks will change that.  And, as the title suggests, we are going to think (way) outside the box.  We are going to take on a number of controversial topics.  I am going to suggest that we need to seriously rethink several institutional arrangements that we tend to accept as gospel.

Lest you think this is just going to cover the usual libertarian touch points, I suspect you will be surprised.  And I doubt there will be much of any mention of our current supreme leader because, while he may purport to be an agent of change, he has said nothing much about the topics that will be discussed. 

So what are we going to talk about you ask.  How about education?  How about the very idea of debt/money?  How about what we mean by property and why it is wrong?  Yeah, that will be a good start.  It is time to let my brain go wherever it will.  Regardless of how much one tries to be intellectually honest, we are all susceptible to allowing our arguments to become mere apologia.  Google Saint Thomas Aquinas if you aren’t sure what that is.  He was very good at it.

I can’t guarantee that this journey will take us somewhere good.  We may find ourselves in the intellectual equivalent of a flea bag motel but hopefully we will learn something along the way.  Look for Chapter 1 on Thursday night.  Until then, have a great week!


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