More Random Ramblings

You know, when you Google “logic,” you get an entire page dedicated to the rapper of the same name and that’s it.   That may say a great deal about where we are as a society.

I was reminded again this past week that the casino is one of the few places I can think of where you see every type of person gathered together in one place and there are very few problems.  Perhaps the solution to most conflict in the world is complimentary alcohol?

So it is that time again when everyone gets worked up about confirming a President’s cabinet secretaries.   After that, they are rarely heard from again.   If you can’t remember the last person who held the job, it probably isn’t very important.

When you stay home sick for a few days, you learn a lot about TV channels.  Apparently the Discovery Channel is about discovering moonshine, the History Channel is about the history of junkyards and barns and the Food Network is about kids competing to make the best cupcakes?

One of these days, I will attempt a more ambitious blog post but, in the current environment, I feel like it would be like trying to play the cello during a Metallica concert.  I doubt anyone would even hear.

Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for reading!


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