Immigration and the State

I’m happy to see so many people concerned about the the free movement of peoples around the world and how big a human rights issue it is.  I will lovingly remind you that all governments regulate their borders, most far more aggressively than the US.  In fact, the very nature of the modern nation-state is its insistence on controlling the comings and goings of people on its territory.  The previous administration also deported millions of people and patrolled the border and denied visas to people it didn’t like.

If you disagree with that, I welcome you to the world of libertarianism, the only philosophy consistently supporting the free movement of all people and opposing the nation-state.   Keep in mind that that also means dismantling all the government programs you often like and devolving those functions to smaller, local units of government or to the private sector.

Think about it.  Hope all of you are well and have a great week!


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