How You Won’t Stop Trump

  • Mainstream liberalism and conservation are about as useless against Donald Trump as a bow and arrow against a tank.  And, yet, I still watch bemused as the establishment and their allies in the mainstream media fill their quivers and prepare for battle.  So smug they are in their cute Robin Hood costumes.  So clever as they attack, always believing that this time they have landed a fatal blow.  Yeah…not so much.  Here`s the problem:  people no longer believe you, even when you are telling the truth.  The most fervent Trump supporter stopped believing you years ago and so did many of us who are, at best, ambivalent about our new President.  Hell, the times many of us find him most palatable is when he insults you and tells you to get lost.
  • You know best of course and the rest of us are idiots if we don’t tow the line.  That is a feel good message for all those people who agree with your agenda of big government liberalism and political correctness but it convinces no one else.  You are merely speaking to the converted who now comfort themselves as being so much smarter than the riff raff who know no better.  Sadly, you are merely talking to yourselves.   
  • Not that the conservative mainstream has fared much better.  They have now decided to carry water for a President whose idea of limited government is that decisions should be limited to him.   So many who opposed him for good reason have now discovered how delightful he is.  No need to worry about budget deficits or civil liberties because this is a guy who can get things done and, hopefully, get me reelected.  
  • Of course this man is, at best, a political naif and demagogue who simply says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear and, at worst, a genuine fascist in the original sense of the word, not because of his supposed racism which is nonsense.  He claims to put America first but, sadly, that means a sort of 19th century protectionism and 20th century xenophobia that will accomplish nothing but will provide plenty of cheers from his adoring crowds.
  • No, the best defense against this or the next Trump (or Obama, if you prefer) is one which strips the Presidency of its executive privilege and power and returns America to a more modest State ruled by a cautious legislature and a deferential judiciary, one whose President takes the secondary role imagined by the Founding Fathers.  But you won’t hear that on CNN.

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