Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm

So taxing people who may or may not support a particular program to pay for it is compassionate and suggesting that those people who support it should be the ones who fund it is cruel and callous?

So it is selfish if I allow people to make their own decisions in life but it is purely altruistic if I force them to live the way I believe is right?

So the same people who aren’t smart enough to make their own choices become magically endowed with the wisdom to choose for others when elected to office?

So it makes perfect sense that people in Maine, Texas and Oregon have the same President but people five miles across the border in Mexico or Canada are aliens?

So great tragedies are sure to come to pass if an 18 year old has a beer but behavior altering prescription drugs are fine for 8 year olds?

So if Doctors, Lawyers and mechanics are so good at their jobs, why are there so many of them?  Think about it.

So if America chooses to intervene in the affairs of another country, that’s building a better world but if another country chooses to intervene in our affairs, it is an act of war?

So it is perfectly acceptable for people to be a fanatic about a meaningless sporting event but not for people to be fanatic about supporting freedom and justice?

So if all the time and energy that we expend protesting one another’s politics were spent on fixing the problems in our world, would that be a good idea?

So if I ran out of things to say for tonight, would that be a good or bad thing?  



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