Things I think about…

Is it worse to be a racist or sexist or homophobe or xenophobe or to be a misanthrope?  In other words, is it better to hate some subgroup of humanity or to hate everyone equally?

Why do we elect people to political office who are so old?  While I have nothing against older people, it might make more sense to entrust decisions that will impact events in twenty years to those people likely to be around in twenty years.

Every time I see one of those news articles about restaurant inspections, it occurs to me that most people’s kitchens would get a failing grade.

It also occurs to me that if government agencies were held to the same standards as private charities, we would view their overhead as unethical if not illegal.

Speaking of which, can we get the Salvation Army some animated online bell ringers that we could just click on to drop a dollar?  Facebook?  Google?  Those people look awfully cold.

Why is it that, if I have to sneeze or cough, despite the fact that I might infect you with a virus, you wish me well?   But, if I have to burp or fart, despite the fact that it is mostly harmless, you shame me?

Why is it that I am most comfortable in the wintertime at a temperature I would find unacceptably warm in the summertime?

Oh, and just to stay with the spirit of the season, why doesn’t anyone seem to know that the 12 days of Christmas actually don’t start until after Christmas?  Those 12 days end in the feast of Epiphany on January 6th.  So save your “ten lords a leaping” for a couple weeks from now.

In any case, I do wish you all the happiest of holidays.  Whatever you celebrate and why is none of my business but I do hope it brings you and your families much joy!   See you on the other side!


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