It’s Official

Well, the mighty Electoral College has more or less spoken and we have actually elected a President.  And, while they Electors did not see fit to change the outcome, they were a very odd lot by historical standards.  Seven individuals received votes which is the most people in over 200 years.  That included at least four individuals who seem at least as qualified as the two leading candidates:  Ron Paul, Colin Powell, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich.  I am not familiar with Faith Spotted Eagle but he is a native American who was active in the anti-DAPL protests.  A total of seven “faithless electors” were recorded which is, as far as I can tell, the most ever.  And there were a few others, who were either replaced, resigned or whose initial vote was challenged, who might have expanded that number into double figures.  Very peculiar.  Curiously, even though there was an active effort to dissuade Trump Electors, it was Hillary Clinton who had the most defectors with five.

A dozen or so disenchanted voters may not sound like much but, keep in mind, that a Presidential Elector is chosen mostly because of a history of service and loyalty to a political party.  These are, to be frank, party hacks and operatives.  The idea that these people would rebel against the Clinton/Trump choice tells us a great deal.  I think it is another sign that the current system is on the verge of collapse.

In addition to this election featuring the largest number of Third Party votes in twenty years, it also featured about two million people who voted but did not vote for President!  That is insane.  It is almost always the other way around, with voters voting the top of the ticket but leaving the lower offices blank.  But not this year.

But, as the title indicates, the vote is now official:  your next President is Donald Trump.  I wish the man good fortune and I am trying to find reasons to be optimistic.  I am hopeful but skeptical.  In any case, it is now time to move on.  Many of you will oppose the President-elect in most everything that his administration tries to do.  I will likely be on your side as often as not.  But he is going to be sworn in and I am going to give him a chance, even though I think he is an egotistical blowhard with about as much tact as a mule.

Well, that’s enough for tonight but just thought I would check in.  Hope everyone is staying warm and having a great week!



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