Black Friday & Privilege

As a yearly “victim” of the phenomenon called “Black Friday,” I often bring an extremely high level of cynicism to the table regarding how stupid and ridiculous people are to participate in this nonsense.  But, you know what?  I am wrong.

It is so easy to ridicule someone who stands in line for three or four hours to buy a mediocre big screen TV or who digs through shippers full of $5 pajamas or $3 DVD’s.  But, you know what?  That is wrong.

In our eagerness to point out how vapid and corrupt our system of crony capitalism is and how it produces literally tons of useless stuff, we too often forget that that “useless stuff” may bring a lot of joy into people’s lives.

Who am I to insult an aging widow on a fixed income who is able to laugh out loud over and over again because they purchased a $20 DVD of “I Love Lucy?”

And who am I to insult a working class mother who doesn’t have much money but whose four year old daughter is ecstatic on Christmas morning because she received a pair of Ilsa pajamas?

The “free” market isn’t just for clever and superior people who know best and have impeccable taste.  In fact it is not for those people at all.  They will always get by, regardless of what system they live under.

No, the true judge of a society is not how well the educated elites fare but how the common working class people do.  Laugh at those people if you will but those folks are not only the ones who do the work in our nation but also the ones who buy the goods and services that drive our economy.

So, as this “Black Friday” comes to a close, let’s acknowledge all of the good and decent people who continue to believe in building a better life for themselves and their families.  Those people, not the experts, analysts and intellectuals, are the ones who, every day, truly make America great

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! I am going to spend this following week discussing voting and how it relates to public and private choice.  It isn’t for everyone but is, I think, quite interesting.  Hope you will follow along and share with your friends.

Have great weekend!  


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