Applications of the new Political Spectrum

Just going to do one more fairly quick posting on my new view of the political spectrum, at least for now.  I am likely to return to it at some point in the near future, whether it be to modify it or to look at additional ways to apply it.  Just to be clear, this spectrum is specifically designed to describe American political thought, not that of other nations.

In order to apply my description to particular individuals or schools of thought, I have gone ahead and developed a shorthand, allowing each of the twenty seven possible combinations to be described in three letters.  For the three areas of politics, foreign policy, economics and civil liberties, the first possibility will be designated as A, the second as B and the third as C.  This listing will summarize exactly what that means:

Non-interventionism=A, Nationalism=B, Internationalism=C

Capitalism=A, Institutionalism=B, Populism=C

Individualism=A, Communitarianism=B, Maternalism/Paternalism=C

In other words, someone who was a Non-interventionist, Capitalist and Individualist would be described as AAA.  Someone who was a Nationalist, Populist and Communitarian would be described as BCB.  Given that, can we equate each of the twenty seven three letter descriptors to an existing political ideology?  I am working on that but only a few things are obvious.  For example, a AAA is pretty obviously a libertarian and, I would argue that a CCB is a socialist.  The modern Democrat party is, I think, a CBB and the pre-Trump Republican party is CAB.  Without knowing how he might govern, the campaign of Donald Trump seems to be trying to appeal to the BCB voter.

I also think that certain policy views clearly suggest an interaction of at least two of my descriptors.  If you are a nationalist and a populist (BCx), it would seem likely that you favor protectionist trade policies as well as restrictive immigration.  There are numerous other combinations but I will not try and discuss them tonight.  One issue that I struggled to place was abortion.  I think it depends on whether you approach it as an issue of the rights of the fetus, the rights of the woman or an issue of morality or some combination of these.  I encourage you to think through it yourself.

Not sure if I will post anything tomorrow but, if I do, it will be on another topic.  Going to step away from theory for a bit and talk about current events and political topics.  That’s what you can expect from this week’s posts.  Hope you will enjoy them and, as always, have a great day!




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