What to expect from a Donald Trump Presidency

Much of the liberal panic over Donald Trump throughout the past year and, most certainly, over the past few days, is predicated on the notion that he is this hard-core “nut job” conservative.  He may have played that card as a candidate but it is awfully far from the kind of President he is likely to be.  Everything we have seen since the wee hours of Wednesday morning suggests that he is going to be the Donald Trump of the “Art of the Deal” and not of this Presidential Campaign.

Will he “build a wall?”  I suspect that he will, at least, fortify border security and, perhaps, more importantly, attempt to monitor anyone who enters this country, tracking their location and making sure hey don’t overstay their welcome.  He is going to try to sell whatever he is able to do as a fulfillment of his promise but I’m not sure it will satisfy his supporters.

As he has already said, he will work to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.  But apparently, at least a couple of the provisions of that law are likely to remain, regardless of cost, as they are popular.  But, frankly, the “preexisting condition” and “stay on your parents’ policy” provisions are popular precisely for the same reason:  they are very expensive.

Finally, the President-elect has talked about creating jobs and investing a Trillion Dollars in infrastructure.  I can pretty much guarantee that he can get this legislation through Congress.  Whether that is a good investment remains to be seen but it is the one most likely to enjoy bipartisan support.

At times, Trump may “talk tough” and “draw lines in the sand” but I am of the opinion that, most of time, he is gong to try to find common ground with people in both parties.  This is likely to make him less popular with those who supported  him and it is not likely that he makes up for it with liberal voters.

I think that there is a very real chance that,  in a couple of years, Republicans may be angrier with Trump than Democrats are.  But that is just my thought.  Tomorrow I am going to do a brief analysis of the where and why of third party voting in this past election.  It was at a higher level in some time and I am going to explain why.  Until then, have a great night and thanks for following this blog!


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