Facts Don’t Matter (No Really)

The latest round of revelations and recriminations in this Presidential debacle, I mean election, once again exhibit the rank hypocrisy we have come to accept as normal.  If I were predisposed, I could easily juxtapose statements about the current FBI Director made by Democrats and Republicans now and immediately after the announcement this past summer that there would be no indictment of Secretary Clinton.  With a straight face, the same individuals are contradicting themselves as to his character and job performance.

To be fair, this announcement is unprecedented.  But having a candidate for President under investigation 10 days prior to the election is also unprecedented.  And, I suspect that it won’t end up making any difference at all.  The multiple foibles, flaws and (possible) felonies of both candidates have already been digested by the voters.  This ultimately does nothing to move the needle.

And maybe it shouldn’t.  When the “facts” are so confused and the average person (who am I kidding?  Any person) has no idea what or who to believe, it becomes reasonable to just throw all of it out and vote for whoever you were already predisposed to support.  

Trust in the Media is about on the same level as trust in Congress and, when you have sunk that low, there is no further down to go.  Unless the American people can trust the sources of information they receive, they will simply ignore the things they see which contradict their World view.  

In the Middle Ages, a time when scientific inquiry was only beginning to resurface and was often persecuted, most “serious” works were unabashedly apologetics, designed not to advance knowledge but merely to defend a particular world view.  The more things change….


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