The Ecumenical Libertarian

Merriam-Webster defines ecumenical as “worldwide or general in extent, influence, or application.”  It has typically been used by mainstream Christian churches seeking common ground with one another.  I use it in a slightly different context.  While I am a pretty radical libertarian who dreams of a world devoid of the State, I realize that we must make common ground with all who seek a world of greater freedom.  Until we can build a coalition of at least 34%, everything we say and do will ultimately go for naught.  Education is only a part of our movement.  The rest is building coalitions with like-minded people.  I look to assist in making that happen.  And, while this blog may have a very specific ax to grind, that doesn’t mean that others won’t find satisfying insights and thought-provoking arguments here.  Thank you for joining me and I welcome your well-reasoned insights.


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