Me Too?

I have to say that the latest and greatest Facebook “thing-y” is just horrifying to me.  Completely leaving aside the issue of what precisely is meant by sexual “assault” or “harassment,” the sheer number of women who have been violated, both physically and emotionally, is mind boggling and leaves me disgusted at the number of […]

Quick Hits

A few things I keep wanting to get off my chest but aren’t worthy of 500 or 600 words: The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist minister back in the 19th century but the words “under God” weren’t added until 1954, in part as a reaction to the Cold War and Communism.  In […]

Why You Shouldn’t Watch the News

Once upon a time, the news was something that happened a couple of times a day.  There was the morning newspaper, packed from sea to shining sea, with all the news that was fit to print.  And there was the nightly newscast with Walter Cronkite or, if you were weird, one of those other guys.  […]

Another Modest Proposal

In 1729, J.R. Swift’s (intellectual) ancestor, Jonathan Swift, published an excellent piece of political writing, which is entitled “A Modest Proposal.”  It is fine reading and his proposals are most sensible and represent a fine solution to many of the problems of his day!  In that spirit, I offer what I believe to be an […]

A Brief Thought

This will be a short piece today but I wanted to comment on the terrible incident last night on the Las Vegas Strip.  As a frequent visitor to the city, it is particularly disturbing and heart breaking to me.  For a change, I think the President said it best, “It was pure evil.”  And sadly […]

Freedom’s Just Another Word…

I don’t like the word “freedom” very much.  I’m in favor of what I believe it stands for but, like love, it seems to mean something different to everyone.  Words like that aren’t very useful.  Besides, everyone is in favor of it.  Even the most oppressive and totalitarian nations typically sell their actions as promoting […]

Obligatory Controversial Column

Geez…I do so wish people got as worked about real issues as they do about symbolic ones.  We are $20 Trillion in debt, embroiled in conflicts all around the globe and faced with educational and healthcare systems that are just flat out failing, but we just shrug our shoulders at those problems.  Somebody refuses to […]