Is The Constitution Libertarian?

Many within the liberty movement, particularly among those who define themselves as classical liberals or libertarian conservatives, look upon the US Constitution as almost a holy document.  Copies are distributed much in way the Gideons might hand out copies of the New Testament.  The exact wording is carefully studied as are the arguments within the […]

Why We Write

I suppose most anyone who has ever written anything from a short poem to a lengthy tome has, at least occasionally, stared at an empty screen and wondered if any other person was going to read it.  There is little point in putting “pen to paper” unless one wants to communicate with other people.  It […]

One of Those Days

In the course of life, there are only a few days that bring back strong memories.  Many are very personal, such a wedding, the birth of a child or the passing of a loved one.  Others involve entire communities, such as a great flood or other natural disaster.  Few connect to entire generations.  For your […]

The Politics of Age

It is almost funny how many ideas we simply take for granted in our lives.  One of the most meaningless ones is that of age. And yet there are so many instances in which we think that a person’s age somehow defines them, whether they be teenagers or senior citizens.  Individuals are frequently stereotyped as […]

Labor Day

Celebrating labor is a peculiar thing to do.  The notion that work for the sake of work is valuable is one we hear all too often.  Frankly, most labor is absolutely pointless and useless and always has been.  And it gets more and more pointless every day.  Much of what we do every day, in […]

Libertarian: ¬†Left or Right?

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that, despite our protestations to the contrary, even we libertarians get caught up in the whole left/right model of politics.  Some of that is cultural.  If you live in areas where conservative values dominate, your instinct is to fit in, framing your libertarianism as perhaps a purer and more consistent kind […]

The Disaster of the State

Well, once again Mother Nature has reared her ugly head (and a few mixed metaphors along the way,) leaving one of America’s great cities under several feet of water.  Hurricane Harvey is a storm whose aftermath has included almost unprecedented rainfall totals and unimaginable personal tragedy.  Surely this is an instance where our national government […]